Digital Sales For The Bearing & Power Transmission Industry

2020 was a challenging year which affected everyone on the planet, in one way or another.

Many businesses were forced to adapt their practices and change their sales processes in order to survive.

E-commerce, E-Shops, webshops, online shops (or whatever else you choose to call them!), were one route many companies went down in an attempt to remain buoyant and continue to generate sales throughout 2020.

Online stores are not a new idea, but historically something many companies had in their “long term plan” that was regularly moved down the priority list due to the cost, work involved and fear of technology complications – but the global pandemic changed all this in a matter of months – stores closed and online purchasing became the only sales channel for many businesses!

It is estimated by that e-commerce sales increased by 27.6% worldwide in 2020 to a total of $4.2 trillion!

Whilst this is across all markets worldwide, we are already seeing a number of companies in the bearing and power transmission industry implementing their own online shops. Many of these shops were not available just 12 months ago and now lots of other companies are also announcing their online shops are ‘coming soon’!

It is very positive to see companies worldwide, both small and big multinationals, investing in new sales channels. Many companies on BearingNet have already connected their own online shop to the BearingNet platform, making it possible for members to instantly view pricing information and make purchases 24-7.

Gone are the days of basic online shops where it was one price for all.

Now there is the option to offer discounts to returning customers, suggest product accessories, special offers for bulk orders and even create a “favourites” shopping list to save your customers’ time!

Initial implementation may take a little time and effort, but with estimated growth figures quoted above, it is only a matter of time before this becomes a necessity for most businesses!

If your company has a webshop facility and would like to connect it to BearingNet, then let us know. It’s very easy to implement – we will do all the technical work for you!

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