Daimler Germany choses Fersa Bearings as its official supplier

Fersa will be the official bearing supplier for commercial vehicle axles to the Mercedes-Benz plant in Kassel. For this new project, Fersa is investing more than 4 million euros in its plant in Zaragoza, Spain.


Detail of Fersa bearing produced for the axles of commercial vehicles such as the Actros

Zaragoza, Spain, March 2019. Fersa Bearings, S.A. has signed an agreement with the automotive giant Daimler to become an official supplier of bearings for the axles of commercial vehicles such as the Actros. Fersa has expanded and adapted its plant in Zaragoza (Spain) for this project, expecting to invest in excess of four million euros.


Fersa’s commitment to product innovation, smart manufacturing and digital transformation were the key factors for Daimler Germany’s decision, giving the Spanish manufacturer the edge over its competitors in the international market.

The new production line increases the factory’s capacity by 20 percent. Employing state-of-the-art technologies, the new facility  modelled in a “digital twin” that provides feedback in real time and facilitates a continuous optimization of the manufacturing process. During production, more than 20 different variables are measured on the final product and reported and linked to the DataMatrix code of each component. This allows Fersa to perform a complete trend analysis for quality control purposes.

New 100% automated production line in Fersa Bearings’ manufacturing plant in Zaragoza, Spain

The contract with Daimler Germany and the resulting investment represent an important step for Fersa as a producer of high precision bearings, which are complex products, and adds to its portfolio of OEM customers, a sector in which it already has extensive experience.

New 100% automated production line in Fersa Bearings’ manufacturing plant in Zaragoza, Spain, where more than 20 different variables are measured

About Fersa Bearings:

Fersa Bearings, S.A. has more than 50 years of experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of automotive bearings worldwide. Since 2016, the company is part of Fersa Group together with the Austrian manufacturer NKE. The group has a large international presence that covers more than 100 countries and has four factories, eight logistics centers, five quality control centers and four R&D centers. Fersa Group completed 2018 with a turnover of more than 82 million euros. This year, the multinational corporation expects a turnover of more than 90 million euros.


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