Cylindrical roller bearings from TBB Bearing

Cylindrical roller bearings have rolling elements that are completely different from ball bearings; they are cylindrical in shape — creating higher radial load capacity than ball bearings of same size.

1. Higher radial load carrying capacity
2. Accommodates axial displacement
3. Well suited for vibratory applications

1. Cannot accommodate angular misalignment
2. The RPM capacity is low compared to ball bearings; generally 1/3
3. Friction generation is higher due to line contact between raceway and rollers

Common causes of Cylindrical Roller Bearing failure:
1. Contamination, improper mounting and misalignment
2. Corrosion, lubrication, fluting and fatigue
3. Overheating, excessive loads, improper storage or handling and improper fit

Applications: Agriculture/Automotive OEM/Electric motor/Gearboxes/Construction/Oil and gas/Machine Tool/Heavy industry/Fans/blowers/Traction motors/Pumps and compressors etc.

TBB Bearing

Source: Cylindrical roller bearings from TBB Bearing