Covering your questions about the Public Stock Search Bolt On

Public Stock Search

BearingNet gives members the opportunity to customise their standard membership by adding various Bolt Ons to their account. This article explains in detail how the Public Stock Search Bolt On really works and what benefits it brings!

1: What is the Public Stock Search Bolt On?
The Public Stock search tool allows visitors on your OWN website the ability to search your uploaded inventory on BearingNet. Saving you the time and resources of updating two separate lists.

Take a look a one of our member’s Public Stock Search below:

2: Is it difficult to insert into our website?

No, it’s a simple piece of code you can give to your web developer, or our technical team can do all the hard work for you. They can check the compatibility and demonstrate exactly how to implement it on your website. 
3: Can everyone see my inventory?

No! It only allows users to search for a specific part with built-in security measures to prevent data extraction. 
4: Does this allow users to buy instantly?
No, however, it gives them the opportunity to send inquiries on parts you are listing, just like BearingNet does, which saves your customer’s time. Our aim is to provide this tool for our members which helps them improve their sales outside of BearingNet platform. 
5: How much does Public Stock Search cost?

This feature costs €750 annually, however, our technical team can do all the behind-the-scenes coding on your behalf, so it works without any problems at no extra cost!
6. What other companies are already taking advantage of this?

  • Brown Transmission & Brg Co – USA
  • Godiva Bearing – UK
  • Kugellager Fiedler GmbH & Co KG – Germany
  • Midland Bearings Ltd – UK
  • Mineral Circles Bearings FZCO – UAE
  • Newtown Bearing Company (A division of NBC Group) – UK
  • Parandiet Suministros Industriales SL – Spain
  • Premier (India) Bearings Ltd – India
  • C R Products Ltd – UK
  • Shuster Corporation – USA
  • Sieland GmbH – Germany
  • Talon Bearing – USA

6. What are the 5 different ways to display the tool?

1.      Search results that link to other page

2.      Search results in a separate window

3.      Search results on the same page

4.      Search results in a popup window

5.      Popup with the search window (NEW!)

7. How does the popup with the search window work?

This functionality can be applied to your website and gives you the option of a popup offering a search option, which is displayed in the bottom right corner after a specified time. This allows you to grab the buyer’s attention faster and will improve your chance of more leads!

Check out the example below:

8. How can I get more information on the Public Stock Search Bolt On?

You can contact our sales team who are happy to assist with any questions or further information you require!

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