Is bearing lubrication important?

Comparative endurance testing is a common practice when changing bearing suppliers.

But what about the lubricants?

Grease and oil can have an enormous impact on bearing performance – hence, changing lubrication conditions could have an enormous impact on the reliability of your equipment.

Some influences of the lubricant can be considered in the bearing life calculation; e.g. ISO 281 refers to viscosity and cleanliness. However, two parameters are insufficient for describing the complex physics and chemistry of lubrication. Real life performance can be significantly different from theoretical predictions.

Elgeti Engineering therefore recommends application-related testing on bearing test rigs to study the bearings and their lubricants as a system. This has two primary benefits:

Firstly, it helps to avoid unexpected failures in the field. Secondly, known superior performance from a given lubricant formulation allows the application design to be improved (e.g. more compact through downsizing the bearings).

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Source: Elgeti Engineering

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