CeramicSpeed: pharma & chemical


Bearings with lubricants approved for pharmaceutical production.

In production equipment for pharmaceutical and chemical industries, conventional steel ball bearings are normally not an option. Such industries require a corrosion-free production environment and also call for bearings with very low or no lubrication needed.

In pharmaceutical industries, for example, the end product can be very sensitive to temperature changes and the heat generated in the production process must be limited. 

CeramicSpeed Corrotec bearings are highly suitable for the chemical industry and for use in pharmaceutical production equipment. The bearings are manufactured from stainless steel with ceramic balls and with lubricants approved for pharmaceutical production. Due to their low friction and insensitivity to temperature fluctuations, CeramicSpeed Corrotec bearings make accurate production temperatures easy to achieve. 

Haldor Topsoe: Bearing lifetime increased by a factor of 13

  • Bearings for contaminated environments
  • Simplified maintenance
  • 13 times longer lifetime than steel bearings
  • Total savings of over 5,300 EUR in the first year

The grinding machine is a key component in Haldor Topsoe’s production. In order to avoid breakdown traditional steel bearings were replaced every 3-4 weeks, as part of a preventive maintenance strategy. Based on an analysis of the worn-out steel bearings CeramicSpeed suggested implementing CeramicSpeed LongLife Xtreme Bearings.

The CeramicSpeed Bearings were first replaced after 13 months, an increase in lifetime of 13 times!

The price of a set of CeramicSpeed Bearings was 800 EUR higher than a set of traditional steel bearings. Within the first year alone the company saved a total of 5,300 EUR.

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Source: CeramicSpeed