CeramicSpeed hybrid bearings now also available in Poland!

It all began in 1998, when Jacob Csizmadia broke the world record in 24-hour roller-skating. It would not be surprising if it were not for the fact that the roller skates were equipped with ceramic bearings developed by him.

Two years later, Jacob introduced hybrid bearings for cycling sports, and in 2001 he went on a trip with Team CSC and there they were used for the very first time during the Tour de France.

Due to success of CeramicSpeed’s bearings, they have taken over the global production of hybrid bearings, adapted not only to sports but also to industrial applications.

CeramicSpeed in Poland

Sped Sp. J. is the exclusive partner of the brand in Poland for industrial applications. As the only distributor of CeramicSpeed bearings in Poland, they offer innovative solutions that guarantee better performance and durability of production lines.
By using these bearings, you reduce your operating costs, the risk of unplanned downtime, and the investment itself returns very quickly.

The advantages of hybrid bearings

Hybrid bearings’s rolling elements are made of silicon nitride and thanks to that, they withstand a minimum of 4-8 times longer than standard bearings. Low ball mass makes the products provide longer life, because the centrifugal load on the treadmill during rotation is much smaller. Ceramic bearings are characterised not only by durability and reliability, but also by excellent corrosion and high temperature resistance. They perform well at high revolutions, as well as where vibrations occur. In addition, silicon nitride is a great electrical insulator – it isolates the bearing from stray currents, so there is no electrical erosion. The hardness of rolling elements also affects the reduction of energy loss, because the balls guarantee less friction.

Distributor of CeramicSpeed bearings

The offer includes several models of hybrid bearings. Although each of them is adapted to harsh conditions, CeramicSpeed modifies its products to make them even better in specific conditions. Thus, we offer bearings with special insulation, for electric motors, stainless steel bearings and high temperature models. Of course, the Danish brand CeramicSpeed also produces bearings tailored directly to the needs of a specific customer and application.The price of ceramic bearings is slightly higher compared to standard versions, but we guarantee that the return on investment is very quick. By buying ceramic bearings, you ensure your company’s efficient production and reliable operation of machines, which is associated with the lack of unplanned downtime, and even those planned, take place much less often than in the case of traditional bearings. Do not hesitate and invest in CeramicSpeed hybrid bearings today!

Find out more about Polish CeramicSpeed partner at:  https://lozyska-ceramiczne.pl/