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Verify Bearings – Sound Analysis

Verify Bearing Condition Using Sound Analysis It has been established that ultrasound monitoring provides early warning of bearing failure. Various stages of bearing failure have been established. An 8 dB gain over baseline indicates pre-failure or lack of lubrication. A 12 dB increase establishes the very beginning...

Meet the queen of sh*tty robots – YouTube

How to Maintain Bearing and Pillow Block Centers When Replacing Bearings MiHow2

In this MiHow2 video, Tom and Schaeffler Bearings answer some questions that we have received from our viewers with regard to bearing and housing installations. For more instructional videos on various products, please visit our MiHow2 section on

Boca Bearings: High Speed Oil – YouTube

Boca Bearings: How to use calipers and measure bearings

Timken Tricks of the Trade: Active Seal Encoders

An easy and effective tip to check the orientation of the sensor encoder in wheel bearings.

Motion Industries Global Sourcing

Introducing Spot the robot dog

Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. Spot has a sensor head that helps it navigate and negotiate rough terrain. Spot weighs about 160 lbs.

Spyro SpoonTail: Speech Controlled Quadrapod

What are Linear Motion Bearings?

In this video brought to you by Design World, learn about linear motion bearings and how you can use them in your applications.