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App of the Week

This app is relatively new, and worth loading if you ever need a hotel at the last minute in a major european city, or if you wish to bargain hunt for hotel rooms.

There are 18,786 different types of Android devices, guess who dominates

Yep you read that right. That is a rise of 7000 devices in just 12 months! And 43% of these are Samsung devices. In second place is Sony with just 4.8% of the market share, which is a remarkable gap between first and second.

“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads”

Next year a variety of interesting inventions should appear on the market, according to Back to the Future anyway…

App of the Week

Do you fly much? If so Tripit is worth a look. The free version lets you store your travel plans, i.e. hotel, flight, car hire, appointments, etc. so you only need look in one place to view your itinerary – this can be on your phone or...

App of the Week

Our app of the week this week is ‘Glympse‘ an app allowing you to share your locations!

“Warp Speed Mr Sulu”

This classic line from Star Trek, although not as famous as the misquoted “Beam me up Scotty,” may actually one day be true. Last year NASA revealed they had a warp drive program, lead by Harold White. And in the early naughties there were calls for people to...

Windows 95 is back!

Ok well not officially, and not exactly as you remember it. It has returned from the dead 20 years after it’s release on the Samsung Gear Live. Yep, a smartwatch. 16 year old Corbin decided that the best use of his time was to take the Android...

What could you do with 7 fingers?

Everyday tasks like removing a bottle lid, stirring your cup of tea and peeling a banana are all simple enough, until you need to use just one hand. However, a  new wrist-mounted robot could help by providing an extra 2 fingers.

Expansion of Electric Vehicles leads Innovation in Bearings

The number of electric and hybrid cars on the road is on the rise leading to innovation in the bearings used on the production line.

iOS8 – How to install and not delete anything

So Apple had another of it’s launch events and announced the arrival of iOS8! Woo! Yay! You wait anxiously for the update to appear, go to install it and… Hang on a minute, you don’t have enough room to install.