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Looking to the developing world for growth in the bearings market

It is predicted that sales of bearings and couplings is going to reach $26.7 billion by 2018 from $22 billion in 2013. This is being driven by industrial development in high-growth regions of the world, a report from Frost and Sullivan says that this push from developing companies...

Sudbury Derailment Cause Revealed

On the 2nd of June 2013 a Canadian Pacific Railway freight train derailed near Sudbury, with five of its cars falling into the Wahnapitae River.

Berlin union calls for 5.5% raise for workers

Germany’s biggest industrial union, IG Metall, is seeking a 5.5% pay increase for around 3.7 million workers in Europe’s biggest economy next year.

Euro zone industry output rises – September 2014

Factories in the euro zone saw a slight output rise in September, lifted by machinery and energy however making it clear that the purchasing of cars and televisions is not increasing at the expected rates in Europe as the recovery falters. Industrial output rose by 0.6% in the 18...

Continental AG run into acquisition issues in the USA

Due to US regulatory issues, Continental AG may not be able to close its acquisition of industrial hoses and conveyer belts manufacturer, Veyance Technologies.

Timken acquire Revolvo as part of their continued growth strategy

Schaeffler tops German rich list!

One of the world’s largest producers of roller bearings and machine components, INA Waelzlager Schaeffler KG’s owners Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler is the richest person in Germany who’s worth a huge €21.5 Billion!! Following the death of her husband in 1996, Maria-Elisabeth took over INA with the help of her son Georg...

Women in the Bearing Industry

“Who run the world? GIRLS!” In the words of James Brown – “This is a man’s world” but times are changing! It is becoming more and more apparent in the bearing industry that the number of women working in technological companies is on the rise.

What could you do with 7 fingers?

Everyday tasks like removing a bottle lid, stirring your cup of tea and peeling a banana are all simple enough, until you need to use just one hand. However, a  new wrist-mounted robot could help by providing an extra 2 fingers.

NCIS and NTN fight to combat counterfeit bearings

On the 25 June in South Carolina, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) raided a bearing storage unit. After an investigation, NCIS concluded that the warehouse was illegally distributing low quality, counterfeit bearings. They managed to seize hundreds of fake NTN Bearings products, as well as several...