Catapults and ball bearings seized by Salisbury Police

The items were found during spot checks on cars in the Chalke Valley.
Salisbury Police were out on patrol with the Rural Crime Team on Friday evening (October 26th) when this happened.

They’ve said several vehicles were checked throughout the night. The catapults and ball bearings were found in one of them, with 3 males inside the car.

The group were issued with a dispersal order to leave the area.

Officers confiscated the items too.

Catapults are thought to have been used in a number of criminal damage incidents around South Wiltshire in recent months.

Bus shelters, windows and cars have been struck by projectiles, with police believing the damage could have been caused by catapults.

There was also an incident at Salisbury’s Charter Fair earlier this month, where a young boy was injured by a ball bearing falling from a ride.

Wiltshire Police have not confirmed whether all the incidents are linked, but have said they’re keeping an open mind.





Source: Catapults and ball bearings seized by Salisbury Police