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The BETEX MF Quick-Heater is an air-cooled middle frequency induction heater that enables you to carry out all sorts of dismounting and mounting tasks in a very efficient way.

Dismounting and mounting possible with a single machine: transmission components, such as bearings, bearing rings (NU, NJ), bearing housings, labyrinth rings, couplings, gears, sleeves and even train wheels. There are countless applications right across the different industries.

Middle frequency technology makes it easier and quicker to transfer effective energy in the part. The MF Quick-Heater is compact and mobile so it’s easy for you to move around. This system is also clean and operates very quietly. It saves you time as it can be deployed very rapidly (fewer actions) and heats faster than conventional methods. Energy use is much lower thanks to its more efficient electricity consumption.

Choose between two different generators, 22 and 44 kW, available with flexible or fixed inductors. Fixed inductors are placed around a part and flexible inductors (coil principle) may be wrapped around, or placed in, on or under the product. Ideal for varying or very large diameters.

• Multi-purpose: one unit for dismounting and mounting
• Controlled, safe and tension-free heating
• Improves quality of installation or maintenance
• Prevents damage and/or contamination
• Easy to transport, move around
• Fast, simple and energy-efficient compared to conventional methods
(lower CO2 emissions)
• Low connection rates so directly deployable (32 and 63 Amp)
• Air-cooled: no water cooling needed
• No residual magnetism

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