You can make confidential notes about your trading partners

Do you keep information about your trading partners?

How do you make sure everyone in your company has all the information they need to make important buying and selling decisions?

BearingNet has a ‘Comments’ section on each company details page where the users in your company can add their comments about individual companies


Anything you write here can only be seen by the users in your company – definitely not by the company you are commenting on!! So, you can write good things and bad eg credit terms, payment history, the names of helpful individuals to contact, who in the company speaks your language, what products they specialize in – anything you like.

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You can also see which companies you have commented on on the Search Results page..

notes sr

Many users have posted messages in the comments box which they clearly think are going to be seen by the other companies. This won’t work – it’s for your eyes only!