BearingNet continues to Invest in its hardware infrastructure.

BearingNet regularly upgrade their hardware infrastructure. Most recently, BearingNet upgraded their leased line connections to their dedicated server and increased their data capacity by 300% to meet the growing needs of their customers.

This is just one of the significant investments that BearingNet have made to ensure that their services are always available.

BearingNet manage their own web infrastructure on site as it provides better reliability and needs minimal reliance on third party companies to ensure the availability of their services.

“We regard it as essential to maximise the availability of BearingNet to our customers.  BearingNet is used 24 hours a day with over 1000 different distributors using BearingNet on any given business day.” Peter Annis, Managing Director of BearingNet Ltd.

Considering the current pace at which the cloud computing industry is growing within the IT industry the question on many peoples lips is which is better…cloud or dedicated servers?

It’s a decision that every company, entrepreneur and director need to ask themselves. For BearingNet the answer was very simple. Reliability is BearingNet’s main priority. They want their customers to be able to use BearingNet whenever they need it. This is why BearingNet choose to host their web servers on site, therefore minimising their dependency on third party providers and keeps downtime to an absolute minimum.

“Our availability exceeds that of cloud systems, though the gap is narrowing” Gary Jenkins Technical Director of BearingNet Ltd.

BearingNet understand just how much their bearing distributor members rely on them and so they have also recently upgraded their secondary leased line connection which would be used in the unlikely event that the primary connection malfunctions. This is located at a separate location so that even if the BearingNet office is unavailable the website can still function.

“We have a fully operational offsite capability which we can implement in 4 hours in the event of total site failure” Gary Jenkins

BearingNet invests heavily in modern technology and upgrading servers in order to provide a reliable service and to have control over their own infrastructure.  This is an issue that companies using cloud based hosting face where they store their data in an unknown virtual environment.

Of course, nothing is perfect and occasionally dedicated servers go down, but can always be fixed quickly. BearingNet have further invested in backup systems for all of their potential hardware failure points including back up servers, routers, internet connections, UPS batteries and two back-up generators if they should lose power for longer than six hours.

BearingNet invest far more in their infrastructure than any other competitor website and thanks to this extra capacity they are better prepared for any issues and can continue to meet the needs of their 1800+ customers and develop new services.

BearingNet understands that this process is never complete. Continuous investment in infrastructure will always be their top priority, enabling them to deliver a modern and reliable service.