Bearing Supplier Development and Quality Control during Purchasing

Bearing quality is a product of the heat-treated material, the microgeometry of the raceways, and details such as undercuts between the raceways and shoulders.

Elgeti Engineering are hosting a seminar series where the topic is “Bearing Supplier Development and Quality Control during Purchasing”.

They explain which characteristics are important and how to identify the appropriate level of quality. This includes material inspections and typical findings, concepts for raceway crowning, and more – all illustrated by cases of premature failure due to insufficient quality.

In other words: For each topic, we will explain what you should expect, how to verify that those expectations are fulfilled, and what will happen if they are not.

Please find more details about the different sessions through the Elgeti Engineering website!

If you want to register for the seminar series, click here!

Source: Elgeti Engineering


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