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3D Printed Wrench

Boca Bearing for Robotics and Automation

Boca Bearing Company is expanding its product line to include bearings and lubricants suitable for the Robotics, Automation, and Advanced Manufacturing industries. Boca Bearings carries a large stock of standard bearings, ceramic hybrid bearings, full ceramic bearings and speciality lubricants.

USA Labor Day

On the first Monday of September every year the USA celebrates their Labor Day. It is a celebration of American Labor Movement and is seen as a national thank you for the contributions made by American citizens of strength and prosperity.

Bearings Limited is now Master Distributor of Silverthin Bearings

Bearings Limited is now Master Distributor of Silverthin Bearings

Murder, an umbrella and ball bearings

It was 36 years ago that Georgi Markov was assassinated whilst travelling into work at the BBC World Service. It was the third attempt by the Bulgarian secret police, assisted by the KGB, to kill him, and they succeeded. To this day, no one has been charged...

BearingNet User Meeting – First Timers

Is this your first time at a BearingNet User Meeting? Then this video will walk you through what to expect at the event and how to prepare before you leave for the meeting.  

High Roller Wheel – Las Vegas

In March this year the new High Roller opened in Las Vegas. It is 550 feet tall making it the largest rotating wheel in the World!! The wheel rotates on spherical roller bearings that weigh around 8800 kg each, and each bearing has an outer diameter of...


Corsair Sarl are this week’s #THROWBACKTHURSDAY, they have been members of BearingNet since 2003!

How are your social skills?

Social media, a divisive topic and a bit like Marmite; you either love it or hate it. However this technology is quickly becoming a very important piece in the marketing puzzle, and many other distributors, marketers and industry partners in the distribution channel agree. 

Riga User Meeting – Premium Sponsors

“The BearingNet User Meetings are now the world’s largest gathering of bearing and power transmission distributors! The event offers excellent networking opportunities and gives companies the chance to promote their company/products and make solid business relationships.