‘‘After such an unfortunate year, we can say we have learned a lot about ourselves’’

We caught up with Grupo GAES to see how they were affected and subsequently reacted to the pandemic.

Throughout 2020, unexpected consequences of the pandemic made companies all over the world, big and small, take a hard look at themselves and question what they really stand for. At Grupo GAES, we are no different.

After such an unfortunate year, we can say we have learned a lot about ourselves. We did not close the company at any time – all group delegations were kept open and attended by management (although there was minimal required staff) to meet the needs of the essential working businesses in sectors such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

However, we took preventive measures dictated by official Spanish institutions and implemented some measures of our own. For instance, we did not divide our workforce, nor was telework promoted since face-to-face and team activity is one of the solid foundations of our company.

Additionally, we did not file for any ERTE’s (Record of Temporary Employment Regulation) and did not have any staff leave. From a labour point of view, we didn’t change anything. On the other hand, regarding the hours not worked, caused by the two long months of confinement, staff were given freedom to consider them vacations or improvements within the company.

Throughout 2020 we also established department-led improvement projects. Just like many other companies we also increased the use of video conferencing as a communication tool both with suppliers, clients and internally within the different companies of the Group.

However, we immediately permitted access to the workplace, as soon as strict lockdowns were lifted, which saw all staff return. When staff needed to work remotely, they could, but only when tasks did not require teamwork or the need for a conducive work environment. At Grupo Gaes, these circumstances were extremely limited and justified when taken.

Grupo Gaes hope that 2021 can be a more successful year and hope we regain some much-missed normality back.

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