Advantages of using Optibelt Omega timing belts

Optibelt’s real timing belt was brought in and manufactured to overpass expectations. It begins with the fiberglass cords that effectively transmit more energy where you require it. The cords operate in a smooth, non-biased manner. The reliable rubber impregnated polyamide fabric levitates durability and oil resistance is bonded to the manufactured natural and synthetic rubber core.

The Optibelt OMEGA HP high geared timing belt was precisely built-in for heavily packed, top-speed drives. Enhanced materials and greatly built-in process engineering are the base for bringing in a very high-performance level. The advantages of utilising an Optibelt Omega timing belt includes,

  • It removes re-tensioning and lubrication and thus less labor-power and more maintenance are needed on drives.
  • Fiberglass tensile cord offers nice durability, great strength, and the best resistance to extension.
  • Its neoprene layer secures against moisture, grease, oil, and grime.
  • Nylon tooth facing by a tough wear surface provides high service life.
  • When power is transferred from the Optibelt Omega Timing Belts backsides, the backing offers protection against frictional wear and environmental pollution.
  • Optibelt Omega Timing Belts are high precision and no maintenance is required and can be operated at several speeds along with operating for both HTD and RPP pulleys.
  • The energy transferring ability of standard OMEGA is up to two times comparing the general ones. The electrical conductivity ranges between 8MHP and 14MHP.
  • An abrasion-resistant fabric cover with low friction and shear-resistant teeth is offered for higher wear and chemical resistance with a levitated operation range in temperature varying between 22 to 212°F.

Source: Bolton Engineering Products