80 years of experience gives rise to specialism in rolling bearings

From their headquarters in Balerna, Switzerland, Sales Director of RKB Bearings, Alessandro Russi, spoke with us about how the group have become specialists in their field. From design to engineering, research and development to quality control.

Over the last 80 years, with more than 500 employees working in direct branches and in the various production units, RKB Bearings have built a presence in more than 60 countries around the world.

These are the figures that identify who we are – an important industrial group operating in the sector of the production of technological bearings with high added value, executions
that find the widest application, both in the original equipment market (OEM), and in the spare part sector (MRO).

Within our headquarters in Balerna, we have developed a strategy that allows us to manage flexible procedures and protocols that target to the highest optimisation of each
job order. This requires great discipline among all the technical roles involved in the product development process.

What we thrive on is our constant technological upgrading, targeted to the full satisfaction of the qualitative and performance conditions that stem from the market, for specific ‘tailor-made’ applications.

This is made possible not only by the significant R&D activity carried out (10% of our annual turnover), but also by the fact that RKB hold complete control of the whole production chain. Starting with the provisioning of raw materials, we have a productive capacity that exceeds 350 tons of steel machined every month.

With over 60% of our turnover intended for Europe, the remaining part can be subdivided into North America, Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

This means one very crucial thing – constant growth.

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