1. High-Temperature Lubrication: A high temp bearing will still fail prematurely without the correct lubrication. Lube fill rates are typically 35 to 55%, but for low speed or frequent wash-downs, we recommend higher fill rates.*
  2. C4 Internal Clearance: C4 ensures there is more internal clearance to accommodate thermal growth of races vs. the standard C3 clearance.
  3. Heat Stabilized Races & Steel Ball Cages (aka Retainers): Why? These can handle higher temperatures (up to 400F continuous) and the cage will not deform like polyamide or glass fibre cages at higher temperatures.
  4. Anti-Rotation pins on the bearing insert’s OD (outer diameter): These help to both align the insert easily and restrict rotation due to temperature fluctuations.
  5. High-Temperature Silicon Bearing Seals: These provide added protection from elevated temperatures and corrosive environments up to 390F (200C). Stainless steel flingers are standard on PTI high-temperature bearings and can be removed if needed.
  6. Clearly Marked and Tagged Housings: Last but not least, it’s crucial that those individuals installing and maintaining the bearing will recognize it as a high temperature bearing and will use the proper lubrication.

*PTI Engineers are available to help consult on proper lubrication options for heavy load applications.

PTI’s high temperature (HT) bearings can be installed in any of our 700 European or American Standard housing types. HT inserts from 1/2″ to 3-1/8″ and from 12mm to 80mm shaft sizes are stock. Click here to view more about our High-Temperature Mounted Ball Bearings.

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About PTI: Upon opening in 1994, PTI has specialized in serving the growing niche market of Metric products. As demand has increased over the years, so has our product offering. Today, our customers enjoy a huge offering of both Metric and Inch-based products for the Industrial Power Transmission Industry.

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