5 Ways You Can Die in a Movie but Can’t in Real Life

Deaths in the movies are always pretty awesome, they are entertaining and normally give you a smug sense of satisfaction when it’s a bad guy. But science has come in to say that actually the movies are lying to us and a lot of the ways you die in a movie can’t happen at all! Spoil sports.

You can’t fall into lava

You would think sinking into a hot pit of lava would be the worst way to go, drowning and burning to death all at the same time. But science says lava doesn’t work like that, because it is ridiculously hot, like 1250 Celsius hot. So you would just instantly burn to death before it gulps you down like Gollum.

Also it is pretty dense, actually three times heavier than water and 100,000 times the viscosity making it borderline impossible for a human to sink into it. Remember Stan in Volcano, the film where LA is burnt down and Tommy Lee Jones saves the city. No? Stan was the guy who sacrificed himself to save the train driver in the underground system.

Well that lava is moving so slowly it basically means it’s cooled down, and being so dense he could have walked across it, saving himself and the train driver. Thanks Hollywood for another needless death that still haunts my nightmares.

Suffocating someone isn’t that easy

It’s a staple of films, bad guy normally suffocates someone’s girlfriend, sometimes the good guy suffocates the bad guy. But it always only takes a few minutes and then they leave them passed out. Now in real life they would return and that person would have run away or called the police because they really would have only passed out, once the hands or pillow is removed they would begin breathing again.

It takes up to fiufteen seconds for you to use up the oxygen in your blood then the clock starts ticking. In one minute a few brain cells will die, three minutes and you have serious brain damage, after 10 minutes, well… You’re a goner. So really it takes a really long time to choke someone to death, meaning all those people are actually alive, hurray!

Sharks don’t really want to eat you

We’ve all seen Jaws and we know that shark is having a whale of a time (excuse the pun) eating all the people and the poor dog. Creating terror and causing chaos is just in the animals blood, it’s what it was designed to do. But no, sharks generally couldn’t give a monkeys about us humans. The most common cause for an attack is people provoking the poor creature by trying to interact with it because, well okay maybe those people haven’t seen Jaws.

Yes there were 98 confirmed shark attacks worldwide in 2015, but only 6 were fatal and most resulted in moderate injuries. There are also 7 billion people on this planet and 100 million sharks, that’s not a lot. Plus great whites are known to be very curious creatures, and they use their teeth to work out what’s around them, a bit like babies. They are known to bite boats, buoys, paddles, anything really just to try and work out what it is, so they are just investigating you not trying to hurt you.

A grenade doesn’t mean instant death

We all know how this goes down, someone throws a grenade, you see it for a second and kaboom! Big explosion and everyone near it dies immediately. Take a closer look though and the grenade thrown in the movies is normally one of these.

A frag grenade, or fragmentation grenade, which has lots of pieces (fragments) that are they sent every which way when the explosive goes off. This shrapnel causes multiple injuries, which burdens soldiers more than dead comrades. Sure if you’re really close to it you would probably die, but if you’re in it’s explosive range you’re more likely to get a piece of metal ripping through you and causing injury.

It is impossible to drown in quicksand

The only way it could really kill you is if you dove in face first, but quicksand won’t pull you under to your doom. At most you will be pulled about halfway and scientists have found eventually you will bob right back out.

So this little boy wouldn’t have been sucked to his death by the desert, mainly because dry quicksand probably doesn’t even exist. Lawrence of Arabia is still an awesome movie though.

Want more proof that quicksand won’t kill you, take a look at Adam from Mythbusters busting the myth by standing in some.

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