20 rules that only exist in the movies

Ok so we know movies take place in a different reality to our own, but some of these rules just don’t make sense and keep repeating themselves over and over again…

20.Stills from movies showing funerals must always have rain

19.Stills from movies showing car washes are always sexy

18.Stills from movies showing that people who fight always fall in love or becomes bffs

17.Stills from movies showing that when you get shot you have to fly backwards

16.Stills from movies showing that during the apocalypse people always pull over before they die

15.Stills from films showing that sluts always die first

14.Stills from movies showing that in films dating involves pretending to be someone else, falling in love and then being yourself

13.Stills from films showing when the big guy arrives everyone stands and laughs at him before getting pummelled

12.Stills from movies showing that TVs always give you the right information just when you need it

11.Stills from movies showing bad guys always recite their evil plans out loud and the burst into song

10.Gifs from movies showing that having a nightmare means you have to sit bolt upright

9.Stills from Disney films showing if you sing about your first world problems you get your prince

8.Stills from movies showing when crisis strikes cars will suddenly hate you

7.Stills showing when the hero is shot in a bullet proof vest always check to see if it stopped the bullets

6.Stills showing that if you're bigger, more powerful or better equipped the scrappy little guy always wins

5.Stills from movies showing it is impossible to receive breaking news and still hold onto something breakable

4.Stills from movies showing that you should always assume someone is still alive until they are proven dead

3.Stills showing that it's romance and not rape if certain rules are followed

2.Stills showing you must always say something clever and sardonic before or after killing the bad guy

1.Stills from movies showing that is an ugly guy is stalking and following you he must be a murderer, if he is a cute guy it must be love

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