10 Smart Things To Pack in Your Carry-On (And One Not To)

Are you going to be joining us in Miami for our User Meeting? Or off on a holiday or business trip? Then this list may be just right for you! Rules and regulations surrounding carry on bags is complicated and can stress out even the most chilled traveller. So have a look and see what the best things are to take in your bag.

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Collapsible bottle

water bottle airport security

Airports are dry places, with air conditioning, and that dehydrates you and makes you very thirsty. But as we all know, you can't take a bottle of water through security with you, and they are expensive to purchase once you are air side. So invest in a collapsible water bottle with a filter, you can then put it in your carry on and fill it up with a tap once you're through security. Some lovely water to hydrate you that didn't cost a fortune. Oh and you can take it on your flight, bonus!


Daily medications


It can be easier to put your medication in checked luggage, but what if you need it during your flight or time at the airport? What if you are delayed and need your medication at a certain time? You can take it in your carry on, as long as your name on the ticket and your prescription matches, it is in it's original packaging and you put it in a clear plastic bag for easy security checks. 


Phone charger


No matter how hard we try and how much battery saving we do, our phones always run out of juice. So keep your charger in your carry on. Many airports now have plug sockets available for you to use to charge your device. Especially useful if you've been delayed and need to contact someone.


Documents you may need 

Airport queue

Ok so you have your passport, plane tickets and ID, but what about all your other documents? Going to theme parks, keep your tickets in your carry on. What about any hotel transfers? Keep that information handy to show the driver, they normally check you off a list. Do you have an invite you need to hand in or show, keep that safe in your carry on.




Airlines have worked hard to ensure baggage theft has declined, but it can still happen. Also you are unsure just how protected your valuables are going through the conveyor system. Keep them with you in carry on.




The entertinament on a flight has imroved drastically over the years, but inside airports... Well the waiting around is still very boring, and there is only so much shopping you can do. So ensure you bring some form of entertainment with you, a book or e-reader, a tablet computer, even some knitting (yes you can take your knitting needles)or crosswords. 


Change of underwear


You've gone through airport security, waited around for a few hours, got onto your flight and travelled to your destination. When you land you feel pretty rubbish and grubby, so freshen up by changing your underwear. You'll feel better for it, plus if your luggage is lost you always have a spare pair.

Toothbrush, toothpaste and wipes


Adding on from the change of underwear, also take these items to make yourself feel clean once you've landed. You'll instantly feel much more refreshed and awake.

Location appropriate clothes


If you are heading to Miami with us, make sure you've got some clothes ready for when you land. It's gunna be hot and possibly raining, so take something cool and waterproof. The same can be said when you're travelling to somewhere cold from somewhere hot, pack something warm in your case. You'll appreciate it once you're outside. 



Yes you can take your own food on board, partnered with you collapsible bottle of water you'll be set. As long as it's wrapped and isn't liquid it can go through security. It will be cheaper than buying it once you're through as well.

Don't pack your sweatshirt


But it's cold on a plane you say, yes it is, but no need to pack this one. Just carry it through on your arm or wear it. Airlines don't count sweaters and jackets as one of your carry on items, so save space in your bag and don't pack it!

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